It all started in 1917 when our foremothers gathered at West Middlesex, Pennsylvania to encourage and assist those who were starting a new camp meeting that was sponsored by the National Association of the Church of God (NACOG). Mother Priscilla Wimbish of Sharon, Pennsylvania was one of the pioneers and served as president of this ministry for 32 years. Christine Benn, from Congregational Church of God, New York, N.Y. was a tireless worker and supporter of the National Association of the Church of God. She was the Financial Secretary for NAWCG for many years, a ‘Fundraiser Extraordinare’ instrumental in helping to raise funds for various building projects on the grounds including Frisby Hall. In August of 2016 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of NACOG. As part of the celebration, the NAWCG realized a long time dream of building a new facility on Zion’s Hill, called Wimbish-Benn Hall. This building is made possible in large part by the donations of the NAWCG membership with support from the NACOG. However this is an ongoing project which needs support for upkeep and improvement. Your donations are greatly appreciated and you can do so by mailing a check (made out to: “NAWCG” and marked Wimbish-Benn in the memo area) to Linda Mitchell, Treasurer, NAWCG, 2545 South Dearborn Street, Unit 502, Chicago, Illinois 60616.